Sunday, November 23, 2014

Van, Chopper and Chopper Chick

Harley Davidson Shovelhead

Shovelhead Chopper

1976 Dodge Street Van

Custom Van. Street Van. Hippie Van. Shorty Van

Vanner. Vanning. 2%.

Captured on film. 1977 Dodge Tradesman 200, shorty van. With custom built Shovelhead Chopper by Gangster Choppers. Shot in Richmond, Virginia minutes away from Gangster Choppers Global Headquarters located at 216 Belt Blvd, Richmond, Va. 23224. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

1966 Chevrolet G10 Van "The Start"

chevrolet g10

1st gen van

Gangster Choppers

Chevy Van. Shorty Van. Hippie Van. G10. 1966 Chevy

Inline 6

rally wheels, raised white letter tires. Custom Van.1966 Chevy Van. g10

After selling the shops' '77 Dodge shorty van to a new home in Columbus, Ohio it was full on search for another van with build potential to replace it. This one came to our attention though a Craigslist ad. Even after seeing the ad, calling and going to look at the van, completing the purchase became quite difficult. Getting the little buggy home wasn't an easy task either! 
But the reward was a virtually rust free and very straight and desirable '66 Chevy Van. The project is full on and keep an eye peeled for progress. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

What's In The Showroom Today?

1994 FXR

1994 Harley Davidson

1994 HD FXR

American Iron Magazine

Gangster Choppers

Gangster Choppers FXR

Kandy Orange. PPG. House of Kolor

Easyriders Events

Gangster Choppers. Richmond, Virginia

Chop Top. Kustom Kars. Gangster Choppers

Gangster Choppers

John Dodson

FXR chopper. FXR bobber

Harley Davidson FXR

Hand Tooled Leather Seat

Saleen Mustang
Making My Bones aka, Making Bones sitting in the showroom, clean, charged up, fueled up and ready to enjoy!