Saturday, July 23, 2016

Just The Good 'Ole Boys

Always surrounded by cool, always looking for more cool. The Road Goes On Forever & The Ride Never Ends!
1966 chevy. 1966 c10. panel truck. 1966 panel truck. 1966 chevy panel truck. gangster choppers. johndodson.
1966 Chevy C10 Panel Truck

1949 ford. ford f6. f6. 1949 f6. 1949 ford truck. 1949 ford 4x4. gangster choppers. johndodson
1949 Ford

1980 ford. 1980 ford c600. ford c600. tilt cab. coe. ford coe. ford tilt cab. 1980 c600. gangster choppers. john dodson. ken dodson.
1980 Ford

1973 chevy. chevy blazer. 1973 chevy blazer. chevy blazer. k5. 1973 k5. 1973 k5. gangster choppers. john dodson.
1973 Chevy Blazer

rat rod. ford rat rod. 1936 pickup. 1936 rat rod. 1936 ford.
1936 Ford

1956 chevy. chevy pickup. 1956 pickup. chevy pickup. 1956 shortbed. 1956 3100.
1956 Chevy

1947 ford. ford tudor. 1947 tudor. 1947 ford sedan. flathead ford. flathead v8. tudor ford. 1947. gangster choppers. john dodson. ken dodson.
1947 Ford

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Harley Davidson Evolution engine FOR SALE(SOLD) (SOLD)

Harley Davidson Evolution engine FOR SALE, customer switched gears, engine gone through completely, Cometic gaskets and seals, 10:1 compression, compression releases, Andrews camshaft, Hastings rings, Timken bearings throughout, gloss black powder coat. Includes Screaming Eagle carburetor & intake, Dyna ignition NIP, 32 Amp charging system. $(SOLD) (SOLD) 

If interested call the shop 804-790-1890, we have other engines that can be sold, we can rebuild yours too!
evo. evolution. vtwin. harley davidson. harley davidson evo. harley davidson evolution. gangster choppers. john dodson.
Harley Davidson Evo Motor

Friday, May 27, 2016

White Line Fever aka #ratrodchopper

Another CHOPPER done. Started with a few used parts, a few handmade items, a few discounted items and determination to knock it out for the clients budget. Success. 124" TP motor! 5 speed trans, rigid frame, 200mm rear tire, dual disk brakes. Tons of FUNCTION. A whole lotta fun building this beast, I enjoyed building it, enjoyed riding it, enjoyed being paid to do my job. Already looking forward to the next bike in line. Wanting to see daily progress? Check out Instagram "gangsterchoppers" with over 18,000 followers. Still into Facebook? Again look at the "gangster choppers" page with over 600,000 followers! We are as good as the best and better then the rest! 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ultima Engine Blown Up

Ultima 127" engine gone! Why? CCI regular rocker arms swapped out for the Ultima supplied roller rocker arms, I am speculating that the valves after having the rocker arms swapped where never re-adjusted. That caused the tappet to spit all of its needle bearings out. From there you have debri locking up the oil pump, trash everywhere! Why not rebuild? Just check out the sprocket shaft! Spine is gone. Rebuild is $3500 estimated and brand new create motor with warranty comparing the apples to apples 127" Ultima is like $5500. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Doing Time

Doing Time 103" Shovelhead power! Mr. Blvd full cover and centerfold Easyriders Magazine We don't need to work like chumps when there is this much talent. We need new haters the same one from years ago are old, you really should get a life. New haters needed, we are really bored with the old one. MY MY 
shovelhead. shovelhead chopper. gangster choppers. john dodson. doing time. rigid frame. baker drivetrain. copperhead graphics. metzler tire. paughco springer. dodson. dodson family. s&s cycle. s&s cycle shovelhead. s&s shovelhead.
Gangster Choppers