Monday, July 14, 2014

What's In The Showroom Today?

Making My Bones aka, Making Bones sitting in the showroom, clean, charged up, fueled up and ready to enjoy! 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Starting A Rebuild, We Have Already Named It "THIS TIME"

Some bike do not deserve a second chance. This bike is prime example. It was built by a big shot and shipped across the country where none of the problems would track him down. Well after a few years of unsatisfied ownership the owner came into Gangster and joined the family of well built bikes and service to boot!
After working the deal and the old bike traded in on the new Gangster Choppers built machine, John Dodson started looking and finding just why this bike would never be reliable and enjoyable to cruise. There was plenty of neglect of details and overall it seemed either a lack of knowledge building bikes or a "I don't care" attitude. We don't know or sure but some of the problems found could have resulted in death and thats not worth eBay'ing a bike and running from your problems.
All of the problems was a major factor in John Dodson deciding to tear the bike apart and simply rebuild it from the ground up. The bike will lose its original identity and that's not a bad thing. (death trap) But to be reminded of the previous builder and the shoddy work the bike was named "THIS TIME" after the Waylon Jennings song where it all went bad and if you come home, well "This Time" you are going to have to walk the line, toe the mark. Do it right! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Daylight for our "New Bike Build"

The long awaited day when our "new bike build" chopper gets natural sunlight for the 1st time. Bring your attention to the lack of air filter cover and no points cover. The simple reason for this is upon first firing the motor up the carburetor and ignition timing needs to be adjusted. Why put decorative covers on?